services of liberty

Maybe you already have a theme in mind, or maybe you’d like to see some ideas. We provide a boutique range of services with a team of professionals who create the perfect match and balance between style and individuality. Before any organising happens, the Liberty team will use their knowledge, experience and imagination to create a theme that fits the occasion, ensuring all aesthetics for your event blend together cohesively and with precision.

Our team is highly versatile and has worked on everything from corporate dinners through to celebrity styled wedding events.

“If you always do what you’ve always done,
then you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

Beautiful Touches

Liberty Event Styling has carefully been acquiring beautiful adornments and feature pieces from around the world so that we can offer our clients an exclusive range of gorgeous and unique elements to make any event truly original. We also have a great range of fine table linen designs which are exclusively tailor made and are a strong part of the company’s trade mark.

Process & Production

To create the perfect style for your event we firstly start with a series of consultations to discuss any thoughts and ideas you may have as well as what kind of ambience you wish to create for your guests. We can enhance any ideas you may have or create some for you.

After a solid concept is established we start bringing your vision to life through customised inspiration boards which show possible colour schemes, decor ideas and other accoutrements that are achievable within your budget. Normally these virtual boards are made up of digital imagery and models, or include product samples, colour and fabric swatches if applicable. In some cases our team will provide a number of boards with varying styles or themes and then work with you to select the one that best represents your vision ensuring every aspect is perfect before the finer work begins.

Style, Source & Supply

When the style or theme for the event has been determined we then begin working directly with our proven network of high quality suppliers and partners both in New Zealand and internationally thus providing a collaborative effort that delivers stunning results and high quality products every time.

Once production is underway we then become the central point for all of the style and design related vendors, ensuring synergy and cohesion between all visual elements from the commencement to conclusion of your event.

With complete styling and production of event theme, décor and ambiance we can provide a range of services as follows:

Tablescapes & Centre Pieces
Table Linens
Floral Décor
Props & Speciality Items